Out and About – Easter Sunday

8 Apr

We were treated to a beautiful Easter Sunday. It was just a gorgeous sunny day. So, out we went! First, we wanted to take some pictures of Antonio in his Easter outfit (tweedy pants, long sleeve shirt, suspenders, bowtie and hat… he looked so super handsome thanks to the best godparents ever!). But, when we got to the place he was napping. Taking him out of the car woke him up, but he was not happy and not in the mood for pictures either. It was a good thing that I took a few pictures at home. In any case, the photo shoot outing was not very successful.

By then, it was time for lunch. We tried 4 restaurants before we found Piranha Sushi Bar open. It was our first time there, the staff was friendly and the sushi delicious! Our favorite (from what we tasted) was the Maui Wowie (tuna, mango, avocado, topped with eel sauce, as described on their menu). This sushi roll deserves an OMG! The combination of flavors is oh, so good! Sorry, no food pictures… I forgot.

We also went to Target (forgot that it was closed)… I should have known better (after all, I worked there for a while). But saw one of the funniest things ever. There are no cars on the parking lot. This girl parks, gets out of her car, walks to the door, it doesn’t move, she looks inside, looks at the store schedule, and walks back to her car very confused. To top it all off, this guy drives by her and asks if the store is closed! HA! Watching that was worth the unsuccessful trip to Target.

Hope you had a happy Easter!



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