We *heart* homemade baby food!

18 Apr

Today I’ll show you how easy it is to make baby food. Pure goodness, no additives. And it is sooo tasty… I know because I taste everything. 😉

1. Prep the vegetables/fruit. In this instance I was making sweet potato puree. I peeled the sweet potato and cut it in small cubes (to shorten cooking time).

2. Set up the steamer. I got a silicone steaming tray at the grocery store and it works perfectly. Steam the vegetables/fruit.

3. Using a food processor (adding water to obtain your preferred consistency) puree your vegetable/fruit.

4. Freeze the puree. I use these silicone ice cube trays and I love how well they work. Each cube is 1 ounce, so it’s really easy to tell how much baby is eating.

5. Pop frozen puree cubes out of silicone trays and store in freezer bags (remember to label your bags with content and date). They stack really well, so they don’t take a lot of freezer space.

See? Easy! I do the same for butternut squash, carrots, peas, green beans, apples and pears. Soon, we’ll be introducing new foods and mixed foods. So exciting!


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