Lush Love

13 May

So, I was online and remembered I wanted to check out some Lush (bath and body stuff) products I had read about. Went to the website and checked for store locations just because. And what do you know?! There’s a Lush store close enough (about a 25 minute drive) to my house. I went today and I gotta say, I’m in love. You can smell the store before you enter it and I mean it in the best, most delicious way!

The staff was super friendly and even gave me a tour around the store, describe every product category and demonstrated how to use some of them (the bath bomb was particularly fun!).
So I left the store with the following…

Twilight bath bomb

Limited edition (for Mother’s Day) reusable bubble bar – Madame Butterfly

And a chunk of Rock Star soap. Can you tell I showed restrain?

I already used the soap and it was sooo good. The smell is fabulous while you’re using it and your skin stays soft but it isn’t overpowering if you want to use perfume.

I’ll definitely be back to try other products. If you have any favorites, please let me know so I can check them out too!

It’s the perfect indulgence for me. Toodles!


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