Back from vacation!

12 Aug

So… I was on vacation and not crafting or cooking much or posting… did anybody miss me? 🙂 No worries, I’m baaack!

Before going away on vacation I did finish and mailed out my 3rd quilt! This one is very special. I made it for Quilts for Kids (an awesome nonprofit that upon request will send you fabric so you can send a finished quilt in 4-6 weeks for a sick kid in need of comfort).

20120812-202341.jpg 20120812-202816.jpg

*L: Finished quilt (plus husband’s legs). As you can see, they use some really fun fabrics. R: Backing fabric. I really loved every aspect of this project. I’m planning on requesting another kit soon!*

Please, if you feel it in your heart to make a quilt, request a kit! Don’t wait like I did. I had only finished 2 quilts and wasn’t very confident. I guess the perfectionist in me doubted that I could make a decent-enough quilt for a very deserving kid. I can assure you, the quilt is not perfect. But you know what… kids need quilts! So go ahead! Request a kit! Make a quilt! Mail it back! It feels good.

Other than that quilt, not a whole lot happened on the crafting front. Will be back to it shortly though!

Just today I tried this Banana Oatmeal Muffin recipe (I found on Pinterest of course!). It is pretty good. It doesn’t taste like Banana Bread, but it is a healthy variation. A recipe was enough for 12 muffins. From my calculations, that makes each muffin be 3 WW plus points (sometime I’ll tell you my Weight Watchers story, I promise). Not too shabby… great for breakfast or a snack. And this is what they look like…


Speaking of Weight Watchers… I stopped the program while I was on vacation. Eek! I know… bad bad bad… but there was no way, I was going to go home and not eat my mom’s cooking… and tomorrow is back in the saddle, monitoring what I’m eating and exercising (do I see P90X on my future… well yes, I think I do). I’ll keep you posted. First time I tried P90X, I lasted a month… this time I’m shooting for the 90 days!



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