13 Aug

Same as winning! - Pinterest is ruining my life...suddenly I want to eat everything...and get married...and have a beautful home...and perfect hair...and be crafty!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see lots of activity going on right now. For one, I’m trying to organize my boards (trying to figure out baby’s 1st birthday theme)… and also, I’m catching up on reading blogs (thus, lots and lots of pinning… fabulous recipes and ideas!). I always wanted to find a way to have all my bookmarks/links in one place but in a format where I could “see” and remember whatever I had bookmarked… well, Pinterest is great for that! Can you tell I love it?! 😀

Today, my family and I walked and walked and walked… both outside (by the canal) and inside (at the mall). So, we decided not to exercise more… we did walk for approximately 4 hours. I’m still eager to start P90X, but it won’t be today. 🙂

That’s it for now… back to pinning/dreaming/planning!


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