Yes, I’m running a 5K!

27 Aug

I like to think that I’m a runner… but I’m not… but I love the idea of it. Thinking this way is not good for me. Here’s why… see… my friend suggested we do the Dirty Girl Mud Run… a muddy 5K with obstacles (happening in just 2 weeks). I said: “I’m in!” and registered. Then it hit me… I’m not a runner or very fit for that matter (but my brain thinks I am even against all of my body’s indications of out-of-shapeness)!!! Note to brain: losing weight (I’m up to 35 pounds… not too shabby) doesn’t mean you can do exercisey stuff at the drop of a hat! Now I gotta show up and do it… but it’s ok! It’ll be an adventure that I’ll share with two of my bestest girlies in the world! And did I mention that we’re all donating some money to an awesome cause?! A very deserving organization, the National Breast Cancer Foundation! So, if anything I’ll put myself on the line (and have fun while at it) for sisterhood and to help save the tatas. How about it? I’ll make sure the husband takes pictures so I can share all the hilarity that I’m positive will ensue. 😀




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