Welcome 2013!

15 Jan

Here I am… trying to bring the little old blog back to life. Well, let’s try this blogging thing again on 2013!!! 😀

Today, I’ll share some of my (big picture) plans for 2013.

  1. One Little Word (click on the link to go to Ali Edwards blog… that’s where I first read about this movement). My word for this year is MELIORA!!! It means ever better (love that!). Meliora is the University of Rochester (where I got a couple of degrees :D) motto. I saw it on a poster at the airport on New Year’s Eve… it aligns perfectly with my goals for this year. Striving to be ever better (for myself, my family, and all aspects of life)!!!
  2. 2013 Focus – As a family effort, we’re planning to use this year to better our home… truly make it the Marrero-Sanchez home. I’m not saying we’re gutting the house and redoing the whole thing… we just want to make it great for us! In order to do that, we need to continue watching our finances (maybe be even more careful). There are some projects that are way overdue… can you say painting?!
  3. Of course, making is an ongoing thing around here. But, it is always important to bring it up and remind myself of why I love making so much… be it food, quilting, paper crafting. I enjoy the process, but I love when my family loves the end result. There’s nothing like a loud “mmm” with lots of emphasis from the little guy when he likes something I made for dinner (it happens often… he’s a good eater… it still makes me oh, so happy every single time).
  4. Vacations!!! – The hubster is extra busy working towards his doctorate, so every moment together counts. We are planning a couple of fun vacation trips (one during Spring and one during Summer). I’m super excited about it all!
  5. Document it all. I’m doing Project Life for the first time this year! (Thank you Becky Higgins for an awesome system that allows me to document my family life!) I completed the first week already. I will have a separate post with more details about my process. This is the first look at it.

Project Life - Week 1

That’s it for now… see ya later!


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