Project Life – Week 5

6 Feb

Here I am again with another edition of Project Life 2013! =D I’ve been having lots of fun with it! Just wanted to share my week 5 spread. I’ve noticed that I don’t take too many pictures during the week, but take tons during the weekend. I still manage to fill 2 page protectors and have leftover pictures. I showed my son the new pages and he loved them (as shown by all the giggling… let’s be real, he just loves seeing himself on pictures).

PL Week 5

I put together the 3×4 week days cards on PSE. I just wanted to have 3×4 cards where I can do a row of week days with highlight moments. I also put together the “Hello February” card, but this time using a PL Seafoam kit 3×4 card as a base. I particularly love the faux letterpress heart over the 14. I think I’ll continue doing this type of card every month.

Hello February

I can already tell that this album will become a family favorite!


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