Covered Apples!

21 Oct

On Sunday, we went apple picking! Of course, we picked way more apples than we should have… not a problem! What to do with extra apples, you ask? How about chocolate caramel covered apples? I used granny smiths for this recipe. Follow the caramel recipe exactly, it works perfectly!



I didn’t have any craft sticks, so I used plastic knives leftover from my son’s birthday last week. They were a bit flimsy for the apples but got the job done. Next time, I will use a sturdier handle. With this caramel you have to work fast and stick the apple in the fridge quickly to set.



Once the caramel sets, go ahead and melt the chocolate chips. I used Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips (I just love it!). I think my apples were a bit to big and ran out of chocolate. I also like the pretty uneven swirl and that uses up a lot more chocolate. Stick them back in the fridge to set.



You can add even more to these delicious treats! I chose some ghost sprinkles (perfect for Halloween). Nuts would be great too.

20131021-071442.jpgGive them a try! They were a bit more work than I anticipated but well worth the effort, because these apples are delicious!!!



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