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Time for a Facebook party!

25 Oct


To celebrate me joining Jamberry, I’m having a week long (10/25-11/1) Facebook launch party! Wanna join? Let me know!!! 🙂

You can always go directly to my website and place your order there as well, just click HERE!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! Would love to chat with you!


How I plan a birthday party

5 Nov

I love love love planning my son’s birthday parties. And it takes me a while to do… and sometimes (always) ends up being a lot of work… but oh so worth it! So, I just wanted to share with you a few things about how I plan a birthday party and what I did for my son’s 3rd birthday. We went with Where the Wild Things Are theme and it was great!

1. Theme – First things first… thinking about the theme. I usually have a few possible themes at a time. I make a choice when we’re about 2-3 months away from the actual birthday dependent on my son’s interest at the time (and now he has an opinion as well 😉 ). I make a Pinterest board (will talk about that next) for every theme. That way, when is time to choose a theme, I have all the ideas I like in one place and don’t have to do as much research/planning.

Example of my Pinterest boards for birthdays

Example of my Pinterest boards for birthdays (Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Where the Wilds Things Are) *Click to see the boards on Pinterest

2. Pinterest board – I pin and pin and pin… every little idea that comes my way.

  • cake – I make my son’s birthday cakes. I’m not a trained cake decorator but can totally put together a cake. Sometimes very kind people will share their creations and even do a step-by-step tutorial. Just search! I followed this tutorial.
  • invitations – I love mailing invitations. I love seeing what others do and use it as inspiration to make my own. I usually also have a Facebook event going (it is a great reminder).
  • food – Sometimes I make the food, sometimes I order out. This year we had pizza and wings from Great Northern Pizza Kitchen. It was great. Specially since the birthday party was around lunchtime.
  • decorations – You can find pretty much an idea for most things that come to mind on Pinterest. Finding ideas for parties is just great… from simple to all out… from DIY to you-can-buy-this-here. You’ll find something for your taste and budget.
  • other – I add activities, favors, costume, etc.

Obviously, not everything that gets pinned, gets done for the birthday… although I wish I could! 😉

3. Make/send invitations – I make and mail the invitations a month-ish before the birthday party.

Inspired by a few invitations I found online.

Inspired by a few invitations I found online.

4. Make cake TIP: Make sure that you allow enough time to finish your cake! This is the most stressful part of the whole birthday party planning. It is hard to predict what’s going to happen. This last cake took me a good 3 days to complete… but a month after the party, I still have people talking about it. Not too bad! 😉


Love this cake!

5. Birthday Party Day – We are fortunate to have an entertaining room in the apartment complex that we can use for this kind of activity. It is a big room with tables/chairs already set up. There’s also a kitchen. I love it! Minimal setup… we just have to clean at the end. I’ve had birthday celebrations at home before and I feel that there’s much more to do/clean before and after the party. See if you can find a room like that for your next party!

We were able to bring a ball pit, tunnels, and a huge inflatable bowling set. They were all a huge hit with the toddler crowd. My husband did story time and read a couple books including Where the Wild Things Are.

Story time!!!

Yes, he was wearing his Max suit!

Yes, he was wearing his Max suit!

6. Thank You cards – I believe in sending Thank You cards. People take time of their day to come celebrate with us and I think it is a very nice thing to do. I love receiving thank you cards (any kind of cards/letters), so I love sending them too. It is also a great learning experience. Talk to the little one while you write them and explain why you’re mailing cards.

Hope this post helps you a bit on your future birthday planning! 🙂

I’m a runner now!

16 Sep

Exactly one week ago, I completed my first 5K (and with obstacles), the Dirty Girl Mud Run! It makes me feel so proud. By the way, they’re not kidding when they say the run is dirty! From start to finish is dirty, but oh so fun! Let me just say for the record that we completed the run in approximately 90 minutes… it was hard. It felt like we were going uphill most of the time, but when we went downhill it was super steep and we had to “lock” our knees. It was a whole new experience that I share with two awesome gals. Can’t wait to register for another race.

Check out the pictures…




Good times! 😀

Yes, I’m running a 5K!

27 Aug

I like to think that I’m a runner… but I’m not… but I love the idea of it. Thinking this way is not good for me. Here’s why… see… my friend suggested we do the Dirty Girl Mud Run… a muddy 5K with obstacles (happening in just 2 weeks). I said: “I’m in!” and registered. Then it hit me… I’m not a runner or very fit for that matter (but my brain thinks I am even against all of my body’s indications of out-of-shapeness)!!! Note to brain: losing weight (I’m up to 35 pounds… not too shabby) doesn’t mean you can do exercisey stuff at the drop of a hat! Now I gotta show up and do it… but it’s ok! It’ll be an adventure that I’ll share with two of my bestest girlies in the world! And did I mention that we’re all donating some money to an awesome cause?! A very deserving organization, the National Breast Cancer Foundation! So, if anything I’ll put myself on the line (and have fun while at it) for sisterhood and to help save the tatas. How about it? I’ll make sure the husband takes pictures so I can share all the hilarity that I’m positive will ensue. 😀



Painting Eggs

5 Apr

I won’t even try to make an egg pun. I know… you’re welcome.

Today I colored eggs with friends. I had tried it once before, but today it turned out to be pretty relaxing.

I made a pseudo-Charlie Brown egg.


The usual colored eggs in pretty jewel tones.


Shrink-wrapped eggs were super fun. Put the egg inside the plastic sleeve, dunk it in hot water and watch the plastic shrink!


And a smiley face egg!


Quite fun! Next year, Antonio will be able to do it too! While we colored eggs, he tried to pull the table cover and then napped. =D

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